Asia/Jerusalem Sept. 12, 2021, 4 p.m.
Still not agreed

At our first meeting, a fair thought was expressed that even among scientists, even in the exact sciences, there is no mutual understanding in relation to fundamental concepts.

   The reluctance of people to agree on the essence of humanitarian concepts is an insurmountable obstacle for humanity on the way to transforming it from a dead-end branch of nature into its crown, into the highest form of its development. If people wanted, they would long ago have created a methodology that would allow them to find precise definitions of all concepts, which would lead us to mutual understanding on the most important issues of life.

But there is no such methodology and there are no exact ideas about humanitarian concepts. Suffice it for an example to take such a concept as - "love". Try polling! What do people mean by saying this word? You can arrange a survey directly in our classroom. Imagine the creators of a machine who cannot agree among themselves on its structure. How far would such a car go? Or imagine an inventor who only vaguely imagines his invention. And we do something every day, without bothering ourselves with thoughts about what we are doing and how it affects our lives. And the result is obvious.